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Originally Posted by sonic reducer View Post
valvetrain wear
there is a phrase though: slappy valves are happy valves
Valvetrain wear as in the more clearance, the more inertia on the hit from the rocker arms before the valve springs take up the energy...

Minor wear along with possibly measurable but likely negligible performance difference from slightly more closed valves I guess.

Here's another saying from the Airhead guys:
"I'd rather hear my valves than smell them..."

As in "tic-tic-tic" as opposed to the smell of burning valve seats from not closing fully during cylinder ignition. It's almost always the exhaust valves/seats that lose gap over time. G... I wonder Y...

Just finished my valve check on a new-to-me '00 DR650 with 8K miles and no record of valve-check since 600mi service:

.005" Intake .008 Exhaust. -just buttoned her back up and

Thanks for all the info guys! We are awesome aren't we?
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