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+1 for the G2

Installed the G2 on Thursday night (huge props to YetiGS for the pictorial and the beginning of this thread, it was a major help ) and was able to take it out for a proper test ride this weekend.

I could not be happier with the results!! A booster plug was one of the first mods I did for the GS, and while I was pleased it still never felt like how i thought it should. It was still very "snatchy" or "lurchy" in the slow technical stuff. The product description made sense and with the exception of the scotts steering stabilizer it's been the best upgrade hands down. (Side note: I recently switched to the off road version of the stabilizer from the on-raod version; that too has made a world of difference as far as fatigue and control). It got down to around 40 degrees so i was able to give the heated grips a little function test and there was a little less noticeable heat from the right grip but hardly enough to complain for the added benefit from the G2. In fact, probably run the G2 with handguards and no heated grips if those were my only options.

So specifically what I like: I no longer need to use the clutch so often to ensure smooth power deliver (for both traction and comfort) at low speeds. It makes such a difference to be able to be on the throttle and able to provide minute throttle inputs whereas before it felt like almost an on/off switch. Best bang for the buck mod I've made, a no-brainer for $80 if you ask me.
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