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M9 Day 4, Tuesday May 15, 2012

I heard some birds chirping, and unzipped the fly to the tent. I rubbed my eyes... it was as if the sky was on fire. I ran over to get the Leica. I clicked it onto my HDR settings where it take 5 consecutive shots with varying exposures for later synthesis. Shitshitshit. The cap is on. Super long exposure time... and then wait for noise cancelling... I'm dying here...

The light actually changed in the time it took for the camera to reboot. But I still ended up with this:

and about a minute later... this:

about two minutes after that the light show was over... it was just another bland, mildly overcast morning.

Today's route would take us across southwestern ID to the Oregon border at Jordan Valley and the completion of the T2 Tour of Idaho route (except for the far eastern part which we'd pick up at the end of our big loop).

But first we'd have to get out of Bruneau Canyon. How hard could that be?
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