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hi all:)

as i get ready for powder coating I'm going to have the center stand touched up. the bottoms are ground through the tube! but I was inspecting the frame and i noticed the mounts for the center stand are not quite straight. anyone know if this is normal? I suspect it is correct, but just want to be sure:

both tabs seemed cocked the same, but I had to repair the threads in the holes so i want to be sure there wasn't more damage. thanks!

I also started to take apart the swing arm. got the final drive off:) will take the bearings out tomorrow. I'm going to take the swing arm to a local bmw dealer to have the shaft pulled (they'll also put it back in for me after powder coat)

a few frame questions to toss out there - anyone know what the tab is for in the middle of the cross piece below (near the brake lever pivot)? I don't remember taking anything off that.

how about the tab in between the horn mounts below? Nothing came off that tab either...

Finally, how about the tab on the bottom of the swing arm? opposite the u-joint?

there is also a few little nipple like things on the swing arm that I don't know what they are for (forgot to take a picture). Do all these things have uses on other models of bikes? Should/could I grind them off?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm thoroughly sunburned;)

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