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Question ANy F800 experts about as I've broke my F800S

Hi All

My new (to me) 2006 F800S cuts out when ever you stop. You have to hold some throttle or it just dies. Its a known issue on these bikes and apparently can be down to kinked idle actuator valve hoses or a sticking idle actuator valve. So I took my airbox off to clean the actuator valve and check the hose weren't kinking as my bike keeps stalling. Cleaned the gunky residue that was on the collar of the actuator valve and put some reinforced hoses on to prevent any kinking. Put it all back together and took it for a ride. I needed fuel so rode to the garage to fill up. As I slowed to run into the garage it cut out. Sigh, looks like I made a good job of that then. Ho hum.

Anyway I fill up and leave the garage. About 2 miles down the road the bike splutters a bit. It slowly gets worse and is just dying on me like I've run out of fuel! Hold the throttle open and it pulls through it. Let the revs drop and it was just cut out.

I head for home. Bike is really dying and then lurching forward. I have to hold it at over 3k revs at junctions to stop it dying. It has hardly any power when trying to pull away and i really have to hold the revs up and slip the clutch to get it going and stop it cutting out.

I get home and remove the airbox. Everything looks fine but I put the original hoses back on. I check the actuator valve and add a light smear of grease to the white collar bit. Off out I go again.

It feels down on power and starts to surge, so I turn round and come back in. Search the archives on the F800 forums and find the bit about resetting the tps;

1. Turn on ignition but do not start the bike
2. Turn the twist grip from zero to fully open and hold fully open for 5 seconds
3. Wait 5 seconds and repeat step 2. another 4 times (do 5 times in total)
4. Then turn off the ignition and wait at least 15 seconds before turning the ignition back on.
5. Ride and try

I do this and go out again. Bike doesn't feel as bad so I think maybe a ride will let it re-learn all its settings and I head into work in London. On the motorway at 80mph for about 10 miles all feels well. Then I roll the throttle off and reopen it and the bike jumps about again sort of dying then lurching forward. I struggle to keep it running in traffic and have to again hold the revs and slip the clutch to prevent it dying. Then it clears again. It still cuts out when I stop and now has this added problem.

I've checked and rechecked all the things I disconnected are reconnected and the are. Its all back to exactly how it was before I looked at it. Could disconnecting the battery have upset something? I topped the fuel tank right up. Can overfilling cause a problem? Any ideas on what I've done or what can be causing this? Help!

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