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Originally Posted by Kevin K View Post
Have Eric Gorr port the cylinder for your style of riding. He can also fix the head to keep the motor from detonating.
His prices are very reasonable.His porting will cost less than a IT crank.
You may want to try the ignition coil from Black Ops Moto .It really cranks out a big blue arc to help the motor pull right off the bottom. With it and one or 2 more teeth on the counter shaft I can't see you needing more than that
Thanks I'll check into the porting work and cylinder head mods by Eric Gorr. I know the YZ490 really responds well to the cylinder head mod. Dose it also help the YZ465? I'm forced to run pump gas, so I'm thinking about the Cylinder head mod also. Just unclear if it's the thing to do on the YZ465. Gearing, I was thinking on gearing it down a little to reduce 1st gear speed a bit. I know gearing it up would reduce the tire spin, but I'd like to reduce my contact speed with the trees.
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