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Sl350 t98 2.0

It seems like a long long time since I've actually worked on the old twin and have still been catching up on months of honey-do's and projects. Before launching into the SL350 update, here's a brief recap of our latest adventures;

A few weeks ago, with Luke and Jan's help the Austin Healey was finally driven for the first time since bringing it home almost two years ago. Carbs rebuilt, tuned up, new brake hoses and several minor repairs here & there, and she ran better than expected and sounded exactly like a sports car ought to! Next up for that project is a new water pump, cooling hoses and fan belt. After that we are taking it to a detailer for a clean and polish.

Here is a pic right before we took it off the jackstands and drove it;

The next weekend we put 850 miles on our Shadow, riding to Hells Canyon and back for the "other" Hells Canyon Rally (not Lady Bug's event), despite a very cold and wet ride over, we were rewarded with decent weather there and great weather on the return trip home. Here is the bike at Hells Canyon Inn, just a few miles from the Idaho border;

Upon returning home and after completing a few more items on my domestic list, I announced that if we were going to make it to Chehalis VMX Nationals this year, we would need to devote some time to the old twin, so this weekend we actually started in on SL350 T98 2.0. Part of the plan for this year was to lighten the bike as much as possible, the other was to add some much needed power. I have been doing a lot of reading about the old 350's (as well as getting advice from Mr Fast) and was somewhat hopeful that the big bore kit in the old parts bike I brought home last year (reputed to be my original Powroll "400" kit installed in that motor back in 1985) was (A) Still in good condition and useable and (B) 67.5 mm, as from what I've learned this is the largest bore possible without sleeving and is also AHRMA legal.

Here is the old parts bike, ready for tear down;

Motor out and ready for disassembly;

First look inside, hmmmm, appears nice and clean;

Next layer, still clean;

Still looking good, no apparent damage yet;

Would I get lucky on the bore size? Yep!

Hardly a mark on the pistons and cylinders, the only problem found was one of the wrist pin clips was missing the curled ends, but could not determine when that happened and there are no markings to indicate it had broken off when running;


Camshaft (two views), numbers on cam are 0 &1 and 8 & 11;

So now the search starts for piston rings & gaskets (hoping Bore-Tech can help on these), a variety of smaller pieces and identifying the cam and head. The ports in the head appear to be stock (aside from minor flash clean-up ) and the intake bores are approx 29.8 mm. If anyone has info on cam and head identification, I'd appreciate any guidance possible.

Once parts are on the way, next step is to clean, prep and paint the frame (powder coating is out for version 2.0, not enough time or money right now) and going through the many boxes of parts looking for the best pieces and grinding, drilling and otherwise lightening anything possible before reassembly. It should be a busy July!
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