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Originally Posted by 8trackmind View Post
You know what, I didn't want to say that and insult my TN brothers, but you're right... On top of that, the roads are damn near deserted.
I just stop in the middle of the road and watch my mirrors while shooting photos.

I might be wrong, but...Seems to be less drunken pickup truck drivers on your side of the road in those parts.
Yep! I certainly noticed less Bikes in the areas of Ark. I traveled. Traffic was thin too except near the tourist attractions. But that's pretty much the same for the roads I ride here. Very few cars/trucks to deal with.
Some pretty rough pavement the further west I went. That Hwy 22 comin' back from Mt. Magazine was the "pits". But 27 headed north from 298 was an unexpected gem.
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