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Yamaha RX50 - 250 Swap

So I recently purchased a 1982 Yamaha RX50 that had a 250 swapped into place for $50.00 with a title, everything is almost complete, it needs a new rear sprocket and a clutch cable. Anyway my question to everyone here or anyone here is will the stock electronics work from a 50cc motor to a 250cc motor and what size rear sprocket is recommended for this size bike that has been upgraded to a 250. ??? I may have more questions later on i don't have a clutch cable to on it now so i haven't started it at all, i don't even know if it works, but the carb looks great and it was winterized and stored in a storage unit from 1992 on. the guy i purchased it from only saw his dad ride it as he was a kid, but his dad passed in the early 90's and the mom just recently let her son sell it. anyway this is my first "older bike" and my first "2 stroke" so im still learning about them and because it's such a limited bike i haven't found much info except that the YSR50 shares some stuff like the motor.. any info or help would be appreciated.. also this is my first post so mods if im in the wrong spot, my bad...
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