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where are the pedals?
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Being a cheap bastard, I happily started teaching her how to ride on an old xr150 that I had bought hoping that I could someday teach my daughter to ride. Rollergirl picked up riding quickly and requested a big-girl bike. Back to Adv to see what bikes other guys thought their significant other should be riding. Tossing all advice aside, I picked up this little beauty.

"This will be a great learner bike baby!"
"You're feet can both touch the ground!"
"No my love, nobody is going to laugh at you."
"Yes it needs a new top end, but..."
"No it doesn't have electric start."
"No, you don't NEED an electric start, baby."
"Yes, I know that my bikes have electric start."
"Yes, I know that my bikes also have heated grips and TrailTricked suspension."
"It is a learner bike, my sweetheart, and your feet can touch the ground!"
where does that road go?
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