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June 24, 2012 - We left Morelia direction Puebla, with the hurdle of Mexico City to get around. Instead of battling the ever present "topez" speed bumps, we decided the toll road (cuota) really could not be that expensive. How wrong we were.

The price of riding from Morelia to Puebla was around $30, equivalent to tolls in France. In the end, even that didn't get us through Mexico City without some minor issues. Our GPSs conflict at times and depending on the situation, either one can be off. It made for some extra markets to struggle the bikes through as we got detoured and a few U turns, but in the end we got to Puebla.

In Puebla, we managed to find a hotel a lot closer to town, walking distance from the center.

At first blush, Puebla looked somewhat similar to Morelia, but we soon found out there were distinct differences.

Puebla is a lot more closely aligned with the pre-colonial inhabitants versus the distinctly Spanish character of Morelia. It also lacks the abundance of local squares where people just hang out. It had a different, harsher feel. We hit a few art galleries and museums but were sorely disappointed as to what was exhibited.

We did find a very interesting concert hall where a lone violin player was dreamily practicing a few strokes.

The outside of the cathedral in Puebla was nothing to look at, but the inside was all the more spectacular.

All in all, we didn't warm up to Puebla as we did to Morelia and after a few days we moved on.

Our next stop is Oaxaca.
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