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Grand Utah Roulette- Day 1

We met jakbrand and 4 other riders from Florida upon our arrival in Moab Friday evening. Plan is to depart Saturday after basic bike maintenance and lunch. The Grand Utah Roulette route jakbrand prepared looked really good and not too difficult……"I did not expect this" was his trademark phrase all week…

...Lockhart Canyon Rd, Beef Basin, Abajo Mountains, Henry Mountains, Escalante/Burr, Smokey Mountain Rd, the North Rim, Bryce, Piute ATV trail, Capitol Reef/Cathedral Valley, then parallel I-70 from heading east and drop back to Moab a week later by Friday early afternoon using the Crystal Geyser jeep road. We would mostly bush camp and resupply gas, water and food at gas stations at 100-150 mile intervals.

So here it goes (photo's courtesy of jakbrand, ebarDP48 and ejtv):

Saturday lunch at Zax before the Grand Utah Roulette starts:

7 bikes start and arrive at Hurrah Pass...

First rough spot, after the Chicken Corners intersection, through a narrow steep canyon…the first WR ridden by my son Tbang makes it...

Dwip on his KTM450:

The second WR ridden by yours truly makes it too, but form? Not so good...

The vast dimension and remoteness of Lockhart Canyon is unreal. We did not see another car or motorcycle the whole afternoon in Lockhart:

Resting on the one little bit of shade we found….temperatures in June? Brutal:

Cool shades son...

After taking this picture of jakbrand I had my next mechanical…the moto would not start, it would crank, but would not start…we eventually got to a downhill, rolled it and it started on second…we had no idea why but suspected something with the fuel system…prelude of things to come…

Corny but I can't resist:

Anecdote of a Motorcycle…

I placed a motorcycle in Utah,
…the canyon rose up to it no longer wild
…it took dominion everywhere did not give of bird or bush,
…like nothing else in Utah.

Here's the full proper poem by Wallace Stevens

Needles Outpost for gas, water, shade…Do NOT offer to pay with credit cards or else…no gas for you!

jakbrand attempts to pay with plastic and gets water-gun treatment:


After Needles Outpost, one of the 7 riders choses to turn back to Moab due to what felt like a moderate heat stroke...

Next, the six would tackle Elephant Hill...

and find a place to sleep around Devil's Pocket…This looked as good as any:

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