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14 June 2012
Bajawa, Flores to Ende

Flores is a small world in terms of tourists so you keep running in to the same people. It's a nice and frequent coincidence. An interesting couple that we shared the dive boat with is also now in our hotel.

Ural has sent us a replacement swing arm but it will take a week or more to get here. From Bali I know how hard it is to get moving again once you lose momentum. So we decide to have the swing arm shipped to our future (Kupang, Timor) and we'll keep moving one way or another. There should be a ferry from Ende to Kupang. We just need to get to Ende. I'm not sure about the the strength of the weld that the locals have done and the road to Ende is not a good place for a breakdown so we decide to truck it instead. Also there's a big difference between crashing by yourself and crashing with your girlfriend. We rent another dump truck to bounce us along the way. Getting the Ural apart and loaded and secured is 95% less cluster than it was the first time. Practice practice practice!

Before going though I take advantage of a new-ish tire on the rear to enjoy the local curves in a solo configuration. Anna tries the same with the sidecar but doesn't get far.

The freedom of two wheels! I enjoy the local curves a bit.

Anna tries the sidecar as a solo but has less success. Maybe with some snow and a hill?

Packed and ready to go.

Most construction here is done by hand without power tools. Rocks sorted, concrete mixed, ditches dug, stones placed, brick packed, etc...

Public transport

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