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Peekay, I'm so glad you made it out alive...but are still soldiering on. I experienced a real bad heat exhaustion / stroke a while back in the red desert of Kandahar... Yes I'm a soldier.

I was involved in a 16 hr straight, fire-fight and was so focused on my job and my men I neglected to hydrate for many hours. It was + 44c at noon. Well to make a sad day even sadder I had to be evaced to the hospital where I spent 6 days recovering, two in a medically induced coma because my brain had swollen.

I'm a good soldier and NCO and I was racked with so much shame and guilt I forced my way back to the field to fight again as soon as I was physically able to..

I was told some of my organs stopped working properly because of the heat. I peed some blood too. The body aches and pain I had for several days afterward was a real eye opener. I carried no less than 12 L of water at all times after that day with electrolytes.

I look back at some of the mistakes I made that day. 1) don't share your water when others have their own (as i had done). 2) calories, eat to sustain (even when not hungry). 3) Cover up, find shade, no shade make shade. 4) Heat induced confusion only gets worse.

Yes I understand my story is much different than yours and I'm not bragging about my ordeal or trying to minimize the significance of yours but the conclusions are the same. I'm home now and despite the war I had to endure that heat stroke was a mother f@^r. Never, never again.
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