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After too many busy, booked weekends I finally get a free day on Sunday to head out on The Mighty KLR for a few hours. Today was one of those days where I just point the handlebars in a general direction and ride, trying to piece together a path simply by choosing roads that appear to be least traveled. These photos will give you a more realistic flavor of the land directly around where I live; pretty typical landscape just outside any town in south central PA. One can ride through endless rolling fields, then climb a small mountain through woods with twisty asphalt, and back down the other side to more farmland. I did find a few nifty twisties, but between having too much fun and a camera FAIL I didn't get any photos of that stuff. Still, a few 'stills' for you to enjoy until we head back to the woods on our next ride (hopefully).
Though not at my place, this is pretty typical scenery when I leave my driveway:

These flowers were in bloom alongside the road in dozens of places. Not being into horticulture, I'll need someone smarter than I to tell you what they are:

Part of the camera FAIL was losing the photo of them lining the roads I were on.
Wildlife consisted mostly of dodging suicidal squirrels and the occasional chipmunk or groundhog. As I'm passing over the Norfolk Southern mainline just outside Wernersville I glance over the bridge railing and see this:

This is actually the second deer; I had to turn around and come back to get this shot. Knowing how stupid these deer are, all I could think of was the giant mess this thing would make when a trio of NS SD80MAC's comes roaring through here at 70 mph.
I also passed by a few churches where the Mennonite Mafia were having their meetings:

For those who don't know about the Amish and Mennonites: The Amish are the ultra-strict, off-the-grid, horse and buggy farmers and carpenters that central PA is famous for. Mennonites are the less strict, living-in-the-modern-era religious sect that now exists in multiple varying degrees of 'plain' living. In the old days, the rule was they could not own vehicles with any 'flash' to them, so would take a can of paint and a brush and cover over any and all chrome on their cars with black. We referred to them as 'black bumper' Mennonites. Their numbers have dwindled quite a bit; most now drive normal cars, though typically in darker colors, but with whatever chrome and shiny wheels they come with. The stricter sect will insist on black cars, but as you can see, the paint can and brush stay in the barn now on all but vehicles owned by the really old folks. Even though I live around here, it's now kind of noteworthy to come upon a 'meeting house' with a parking lot full of nothing but black cars. Hence, the nickname Mennonite Mafia.
It was a short day, only did around 115 miles before I returned home to take care of some boring domestic duties I'd ignored all week. So if you're happy enough with rural farmland as scenery, come visit us sometime. The local gals are all eager to meet you.
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