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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
I think so, but Beta are not so keen on rallies yet, plus the guy developing their rally kits is Boano... I think Bordone want to go forth and do their own exclusive thing. Wasn't Botturi on a TM a few months back? Either the ADDC or Qatar round, I don't remember the specifics, but he withdrew with a mechanical IIRC
Does the Bordone Ferrari outfit have the engineering/machining/manufacturing resources, workshop facilities, techical & engineering personel behind it, and (not the least) financial backing to build their own bike (including engine)? This is a BIG task to do all the R&D to get a competitive engine/chassis/rallybike package built and developed, then up to speed. Even fully budgeted and supported "factory" teams have a full time job to bring a project like this to fruition within 12 months.

When they first announced the B/F project a year or there abouts ago... that the team bikes they "unvieled" were just re-liveried KTM 450 RR's was no (real) surprise... given the short time to establish and prepare the team structure. When Chaleco came on board over from Aprilia, and they announced the continued use of the Austrian bikes - I (amongst others) thought perhaps they were aligning themselves to be the "satelite" factory KTM outfit for the future. Certainly using the material and experience of the Mattighoffen product as a base for their teams establishment season was a smart move... in terms of results and proven product behind them.

But these latest indications seem to reinforce the long running rumours/industry hype, that they WILL be pursuing the goal of developing their own bike.

Speculation about the engines is a key aspect here I think. While engineering their own chassis/fuel cell platform is not that major of a headache for a team with the resources and budget... and the majority of suspension componentry, wheels, braking components, navigation equipment, rally accessories etc. are merely OEM manufacturer/catalogue items in many respects...

But, to design/build a powerplant from scratch is something that requires a whole different level of commitment (resources, engineering, R&D time). I'm not saying 100% that they haven't done so... But it seems like a helluva project to take on... just to field a competitive team of five or six rally bikes... even if they offered "kit" bikes for sale to other riders/teams... the relatively low unit numbers/economies of scale would seem to make it inequitable it terms of investment required.

So that leaves us with the "which engine will they use"" specultation...?

KTM...? They have a developed and proven 450 Rally powerplant that has been assembled using a hybrid of components from their various Sxf/EXC partslists... but for B/F to go to all this trouble to develop a bike as a new host for the same powerplant... seems like a lot of work.

What else...? TM... Beta...? both have been suggested (rumoured), but as both of these manufacturers also only offer enduro/mx type engines from their existing model ranges... any "rally" motor/development thereof from either of these platforms is still going to require some significant R&D to transmission, coolong system, oil/cooling system etc. to get the "reliability/service interval" specifications needed to compete at rally competition.

Or will B/F resurect one of the italian motor designs from some other manufacturer? (VOR and/or Vertimati... or a Huskvarna/BMW derivative perhaps ?)

I am sure there are many who are really keen to see what this new "revolutionary" rally bike is gonna be...
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