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Originally Posted by WindSailor View Post

I know everyone hates oil threads, but the question that I have is where you would put moly in - and leave the moly out? I'm thinking of engine, tranny, and final drive. I had thought the 600 mile service drained all of the moly out of the final drive and replaced it with a non moly lubricant. True or not?

When you change your FD oil the first time, you'll likely see a black smelly oil come out. The factory uses moly at time of assembly of the gears and bearings. There is also likely some moly assembly lube in the engine, especially the cam lobes and lower end bearing surfaces that remains after the engine is rotated on the test stand.

Also, modern motor oils have used moly as an EP additive for a decade or longer. Molydenum dislufide is an EP friction reducing additive that tolerates heat, shear, pressure and other forces typical in gear, chain and bearing systems.

Also, it is used as chain lube by the motorcross folks.

Finally, Honda Molypaste 60 is the preferred grease used on our driveline splines.

Now, are you going to deliberately eliminate it from your gear lubricants? I don't because it can help reduce friction and heat.
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