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Hey guys!

Quick update here!

Bikey Mc Bikes:
Sam’s new bike (Stimpy) has arrived and is being a good little bike unlike his last one who’s throttle body kept popping off the engine! After happening 4 times, Fowlers swapped the bikes out which was mega by us! Still no news from KTM as to what was actually wrong with his bike… seems to be a bit of an enigma… when we find out we’ll let you know!

Diary Update Link and Video: Sams Kaputt Bike
Facebook Link

Day of Champions 2012 (MotoGP) Riders for Health:
Sam and I were invited up to the Day of Champions which was just incredibly superb fun! We met so many people from all over, did a little interview on their MASSIVE stage, saw lots of famous people (see video below… if anyone knows who the devil they are do let us know! We caught the Ride in too so hello to all those on the video!) and generally had a great day!

Youtube Link
Diary Update Link - Day of Champions 2012
Facebook Link

Off Road Training:
Well… after 16 times on a motorbike (including my tests) I was thrown in at the deep end and went on a stupendous off road training day with Wheeldon Training in Devon! Never have I had so much fun! Despite a number of offs (mainly when stopped funnily enough) I loved it and learned so much! The team down there are amazing too… managed to cater for both Sam (8 years of riding – off roading and rallies) and me all in one! Videos to come… watch this space!

Facebook Link

Thanks for all your ongoing support guys and girls! We super appreciate it :)
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