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Day 7

Wednesday, June 6th
Total Mileage: ~230

Have I mentioned (whined about) my chain lately?

Today was the first day of the trip where the day didn't go exactly as planned. The original plan was to hit Mexican Hat, Natural Bridges, the Moki Dugway, and Monument Valley before ending the day in Page, Arizona. I was looking forward to it all, and missing those sights was going to be disappointing, but we made the decision to drive strait to Page. By this time we had been traveling for about a week without a break, and the Support Team needed a light day - and so did my chain. Knocking four hours off of the day made a lot of sense.

After looking at a map, I realized that we would be doing a lot of backtracking from where we had been the previous day (towards the 4-Corners Monument) and prepared ourselves for a boring day of traveling. We were pleasantly surprised.

We crossed back into Arizona on US 160 and enjoyed the rock formations along the way...

My wife... um, I mean Support Team Leader, didn't appreciate the fact that I wondered if this photo should be age restricted

I know that some of these are a little blurry, but remember, they were taken left-handed, upside down, flying along on a V-Strom. Weeeeee

Finally, we hung a right and started going north on Hwy 98.

A good portion of the road had just been paved, and it was sweet!. One minute you are rolling along, just enjoying the ride,

then you would round a corner and see something ultra-cool.

More mildly suggestive rock formations

Nearing Page

It wound up being a nice ride (when I managed to ignore that my bike felt like it was falling apart).

We got to the overpriced budget-brand hotel where we had reservations, and the desk clerk told us the hotel was at capacity and that we would have to wait until 2:00 to check in. We looked at our watches, did the math for mountain time, and looked at each other thinking WTF, you are going to make us wait 35 minutes??? But we hadn't had lunch anyway, so we ran to the local billion-burger and were back in a half hour. The clerk recognized us when we came back. For a millisecond we perceived an odd look from her, but she checked us in, and on to the room we went.

When unpacking, one of us looked at the clock on the nightstand and a bell chimed. DOH! We had totally forgotten that Arizona doesn't recognize Daylight Saving Time. No wonder we got the weird look from the clerk. We were still an hour early.

After unpacking and unwinding for a while we decided to do a little exploring.

Once again we were surprised by some dam cool sights: The Glen Canyon and Glen Canyon Dam

A little known natural phenomenon: There are places with 90 degree gravity shifts in the area. As you can see in this example, here is a member of the support team walking on a dam wall:

From the Dam Visitor's Center (yes we got our passport stamped)

More Dam Pictures (ha, that joke never grows old)

The canyon below the dam (bet the trout fishing is good down there)

We ended up really enjoying the day. It was easy and slow-paced. We needed it.

Tomorrow: The Grand Canyon

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