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Grand Utah Roulette Day 2

Early Sunday morning on Devil's Lane:

The climb out of Bobby's Hole:

It wasn't the steepness but the sand, lose rock and lack of grip. Here's dwip, pushing the bike on his own all the way up:

jakbrand was the only one who cleared the climb without stalling or needing help. Here he is riding my bike:

Here's ebarDP48 on his loaded KTM 690...:

We unloaded each bike and hiked gear up the climb. Latitude 40 Maps rates this climb as a double "D", just like several other climbs around Moab such as Elephant Hill, Pritchett, Moab Rim, Murphy, Hardscrabble, Rose Garden, etc., but this is the only double D with the admonition: "May be impassable for most 4WD vehicles." jakbrand wasn't expecting that, I am sure.

Here's tbang giving it a go:

Took us about an hour and change to ride/carry all six bikes and gear up the climb. They don't call it Bobby's Hole for nothing.

Beef Basin was a nice break from the technical sections that preceded:

Climbing the Abajo Mountains to cool off a bit:

For those of you who saw the video above, the blue jettisoned bag is being carried by me and not jeeps...

So my third and fourth mechanicals were inability to get the bike started once after stopping and once after crashing. I could only restart the bike on downhills. Below is my fifth mechanical along the flattest section of road that day, Gooseberry Rd….the bike simply quit. We diagnosed it as a fuel pump issue, these WR's being fuel injected, we could not hear the fuel pump priming...

2 miles prior to this failure, ebarDP48 spotted a rope wound up between my rear disk break and spokes. Rather than cut it and leave it behind, I unwound it and saved it…little did I know I would use it, shown above being connected between both WRs, so that tbang could tow me back several miles until we found a suitable downhill to get my bike restarted.

Once I got to Hite, I decided to call the Grand Utah Roulette quits, and slab it back to Moab. Tbang decides to accompany me, out of solidarity, a father-son thing he said. Our hope was to find a fuel pump replacement Monday. I later would learn fuel pumps are a very common failure point for these 2008 WR250R's. I just wish Yamaha would have simply recalled these machines so that my trip wouldn't be ruined. How many other trips have been ruined out there by these pump failures? Apparently very high temperatures affect the defective 2008 fuel pumps and the onboard chip shuts them off. The flow of fuel through the pump on a downhill start cools it, hence the ability to get the bikes restarted in that fashion. Just a theory, but fits the facts.

At Hite, another rider, D, wasn't feeling that great after Bobby's Hole and the heat and decided to return to Moab...ebarDP48, out of solidarity, accompanied D back…

And then there were two...

So dwip and jakbrand gave each other high five's for getting rid of their 5 companions and were left to continue the Grand Utah Roulette by their lonesome selves.…
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