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Originally Posted by WindSailor View Post
Now are you referring to something like this?

bobistheoilguy's page on Esters In Synthetic Lubricants

I've used Amsoil and Mobile1 in the past and a friend of mine is trying hard to convert me to Red Line which uses an ester based stock. Naturally I would have thought an oil that is made for motorcycles would take this 'seal issue' into account. But I would also like to hear more...

I'm not against using dyno oil (in fact using it now), but synthetic's additives I believe are better as far as temperature goes etc.... that is the main reason for me in going in that direction as soon as this bike is broken in.

Redline Oils make a point of their oils being designed to be compatible with seals designed for use with petroleum products. I used Redline 75W-90 in my 1150GS final drive for the last 60,000km before the bearing needed replacement at 93,000km and the seal was still perfect (by the way, so was the cage).
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