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Kawasaki F7 Project

I'm new here. I found this site by searching on google for info about my bike. Thanks to everyone that contributes to this forum, I've learned a lot already reading through the different threads. I know very little about motorcycles and the wealth of knowledge here is a blessing. You all have a great community here!... I believe what I have is a Kawasaki F7 175cc enduro. I'm not sure about the year. I thought it was a '75 due to the green paint that can be seen where the current paint is chipped but, on the neck, it says it was manufactured in '74... I've been asking questions on other people's threads for a few weeks but figured I should start a thread to chronicle my progress with this bike. I bought it at a garage sale a while back with no paperwork. The guy selling it said that his buddy had given it to him a few years ago and, at first, he was going to go through it but lost interest and it's sat ever since. He said that he saw it run and drive before he got it... First thing on the list is to obtain a title. I found this thread on another site: and I am following the course laid out to try to obtain a title. I don't want to put much money into the bike until I get the title. So far I'm into it for about $70 which inclueds a Clymer's manual...
Anyway, sorry for the long introduction, here's some pics:

In the last pic, you can see the green paint that led me to believe it was a '75. According to this: , green was only offered in '75. But, the neck says "manufactured in 1974". Could it have been built in '74 as a '75 model?
Thanks for looking.
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