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where are the pedals?
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Did I mention that this was our honeymoon?

"Yes, my love, I can see that the sand is thick and soft. Ride it, don't push it. Also, you have to ride faster."
"Well, faster works better in the thick sand!"
"Are you high? Faster will make me crash."
" No baby, slower will make you crash."
"Why did you bring me here?"

Rollergirl can ride way better than her her confidence level. She is awesome and totally kicks ass. Going faster in the thick sand quickly heated us both up.
"Look my love, shade!"

When we got to this spot, I assured my wonderful wife that the likelyhood of an angry group of heavily armed men with big mustaches appearing from the nearby wash was probably fairly low.
"What about those evil drug-growers?"
Unfortunately for Rollergirl, I suffer from smart-ass-itis. "Well, there seems to be absolutely no water here. Even the Ocotillos are dead. I think we are probably not going to come across any pot-fields."

She is a good listener!
"Faster baby."

"Oops, I seem to have lost the trail."

"Ah ha, there it is!"

Back to the house for some rest and fantastic beer.

where does that road go?
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