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Originally Posted by ericrat View Post
I love this place. I knew the cloisonne part, but couldn't come up with champleve. It all flooded back upon reading your description. Funny, I had a discussion about enameling at "biker event" last night and quoted one of Oppi Untract's jewelry books here recently.

Do you mind me asking if you refire the enamel to brigh the final gloss up or do you sand and polish to get the final enamel level and the correct finish?



Oppi Untracht. Most of what I know about enameling was first introduced to me in his book on jewelry and metalsmithing.

I fire my work to restore the gloss after stoning and sanding it smooth. Then I pickle it to remove the scale from the exposed metal, and polish the metal using white diamond compound, then rouge to finish it.
I usually fire each peice at least four times, sometimes a lot more depending on number of colors used, complexity of design, and how the enamel fills between firings.
Lotta work.
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