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Originally Posted by Guy Jinbaiquerre View Post
Anthony, could I get your advice on a helmet fit question?

My head measurement is 60cm -- maybe just a hair under 60 if I pull the measuring tape really snug. I would characterize my shape as a medium-to-long oval. Definitely NOT round.

I wore a C3 in size XL (60-61cm) for two years. At first, it seemed like a perfect fit, but after about 4-5 months it started to pack out and get looser. After 1-2 years, it was clearly too loose and was moving around on my head. I replaced the padding (through your shop!) and that got the fit more or less back to how it used to be. But I also started looking for a helmet that might fit me better. My two top choices were the C3 in size L (58-59cm) and the Arai Signet-Q (59-60cm)

It was immediately clear that the Signet-Q fit my head correctly. Even pressure all around, no hotspots.

The L-size C3 at first felt very tight, but after some use, and removing the chin curtain, it seemed to adjust to my head. Now I think it fits great, EXCEPT for a very mild hotspot in the center of my forehead. It's not an immediate deal breaker, and on short rides I hardly even know it's there. But it does become moderately annoying towards the end of a full day in the saddle.

In other words, the L-size Signet-Q just fits, whereas with the L-size C3, I am trying to get it to fit. But I like everything else about the C3 so much (flip-up design, ratchet strap, sun visor, small shell size, light weight, overall look, and the general feel on my head everywhere EXCEPT the hotspot) that I want to keep trying to give it a chance to break in for me, and may even give it the spoon treatment in front if all else fails. (I wish Schuberth made 59-60cm size helmets!)

Also, although the Signet-Q fits perfectly now, I'm wondering whether it would just pack out over time like the size-XL C3 did, and become too loose (even though the Signet-Q is 1cm smaller than the C3).

Similarly, maybe the size-L C3 will pack out and fit my forehead better over time -- or does that not happen with actual hotspots in the same way it does with overall helmet tightness?

I'd be very interested in any advice you can give on this situation. Thanks!
Hi Guy,

The C3 has a specific shape and there are many folks who can't find the proper fit, even with changing the padding. One of the issues with the C3 is the rubber flap that covers the forehead vent cold weather. It's rather thick and causes a hot spot for many folks. Some people remove the flap completely and some use the spoon trick to compress the EPS liner to alleviate the pressure. IMO, any helmet you have to crush the EPS liner to make work isn't the right choice for your head shape. If the Arai Signet Q is a proper fit, then your head is very long oval. The Signet Q is currently the longest helmet front to back on the market, even 5mm longer than the Profile helmet it replaced in the Arai line up. The Arai Signet Q is an AWESOME helmet, and that would be my first choice in a suggestion to you.
If you prefer to stick to a modular helmet, I might suggest something that is better suited to your head shape, such as the new Shoei Neotec, which is more oval in it's internal fitting shape and doesn't have the ill-placed rubber flap at the forehead.
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