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Originally Posted by dem View Post
The winglets definitely keep a lot of cold air off you. Actually, I notice them most in reverse. If it starts getting warm, I need to pull them off or I start roasting.

The madstad screen IS a huge barn door - no way around it. Definitely NOT suitable for real off roading, it moves around quite a lot (IMHO, due to the mass of the metal faring bracket and the cantilever effect of the adjustable mounts themselves) and it is tall. Gravel and dirt roads are fine.

If I'm doing anything more exciting, I pull it off, stick it in a t-shirt and bungie it to my duffel bag. Both due to the height hitting me in the face and how hot it would be at low speeds.

The only other system I would consider would be the Mirage-type set up, but that sure is pricey.

You can see it strapped on the back here:
I tested the prototype of the brackets for Mark at Madstad before he put them on the market with the shield. What I did was mount them on the 650 twin low windshield and cut up a Twalcom shield and attached it as a front shield. Worked awesome and it wasn't as much of a wind bulldozer as the current one. The one downside I saw to the system was how incredibly difficult it was to adjust the brackets. Not sure if he improved on that for the production system. I told him about the winglet prototypes I made which is probably where he got the idea from. Not 100% sure though as I think Nippy Normans was selling a winglet system at the time too.
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