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Originally Posted by RevZilla View Post
The Signet Q is currently the longest helmet front to back on the market, even 5mm longer than the Profile helmet it replaced in the Arai line up.
Ali, thanks for the detailed response. I took your advice and tried unfolding the C3's rubber flap so that it covers the forehead vents. I wouldn't have thought that such a little thing could make a difference, but it actually seemed to feel better on my daily ride to work. I will have to see how it feels on a full-day ride, but so far, so good.

I think the C3's internal shape is not really so bad for me compared to the Signet-Q. I think it's more a matter of a C3 "Large" being 1cm smaller than an Arai Large. In particular, I think you made a mistake in describing the Signet-Q as 5mm longer than the Profile. On Arai's own website, they have a graphic showing that it is longer than the current RX-Q model, not the now-discontinued Profile:

This explanation is consistent with the findings over at webBikeWorld:

The Arai head shapes have become less radical over the last year or so... Both the Long Oval and Intermediate Oval Arai helmets are now very similar to the "Neutral" fit found on other helmet brands... This evolution has been made crystal clear in our evaluation of the Signet-Q -- a helmet with the (new) Arai "Long Oval" shape that, in the previous Long Oval iteration, would probably not fit me, due to its narrow internal profile. In fact, the original Signet and Profile were two helmets that were out of the question for me, even with my "Neutral" head shape. The "evolved" Arai shape -- combined with the typical Arai firm-yet-plush padding -- feels fuller and more comfortable.
So the Signet-Q is actually LESS of a long-oval shape than the old Profile, not more. Which explains why I was feeling only a small (but important!) difference in fit between the Signet-Q and the C3. Believe me, there are some helmets I literally cannot bear to squeeze into due to their round shape across my forehead, and the C3 is not one of them.

With your tip about unfolding the rubber flap up front, and maybe a little more break-in time, I have high hopes the C3 in size Large will fit me fine without the need for any spoonwork.
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