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Grand Utah Roulette Day 3

So yesterday, Grand Utah Roulette Day 2, Sunday, the group splits in three. My son and I slab it from Hite to Moab with a defective fuel pump, an hour later and ebarDP48 and D slab it to Moab to meet their third partner T, who had split Day 1, and jakbrand and dwip continue to Boulder via Henry Mountains and Burr trail on the original track and plan to camp at the North Rim's Point Sublime Monday night.

Well, we get to Moab Sunday and Dwip calls me that evening from Boulder to tell me his KTM's front sprocket is really worn and he's starting to have trouble, could I locate one for him…right, sure I can...

So it is Sunday night now and I am a little bit frustrated. Yamaha shop in Moab is closed until Tuesday, so we would waste for sure at least two days and the chances of finding a WR fuel pump nearby? Nill. I post questions on ADVrider and find out how the heat affects these WR pumps…

One alternative is to play around the La Sals or go back to Colorado in the hopes that cooler weather wouldn't affect the fuel pump and get to Moab to catch our Saturday AM flight to Baton Rouge.

Another alternative, rent a bike. We called Utah Dual Sport. We had heard they rented KTM's. Owner Jim was very friendly. Indeed he had KTM's ready to go. And, I also heard him say he can trailer them. We asked if he could drop the KTM and my son's WR all the way to Escalante…He said yes. And he also has a KTM front sprocket….

So Monday morning we still haven't decided what to do. We're getting ready to go to breakfast, and I cannot find the key to my WR. I look everywhere. I end up having to use the spare. I get on my WR, it starts, but as I approach the first stoplight it feels like a rear flat and…yes, a rear flat

All right, someone is trying to tell me something: DO NOT ride this bike. I turn around and park the WR at the hotel we were staying…hoping that nobody would find its key and get any ideas…

And we call Jim, agree to rent a KTM 450 until Friday and get trailered to Escalante. We leave at 2 PM.

Here we are at Dual Sport Utah waiting to get the motorcycles on Jim's trailer:

My idea is to cut off the North Rim excursion that jakbrand and dwip were doing Monday/Tuesday and instead ride from Escalante to Big Water via Smokey Mountain Road, then catch the same trail north to Bryce that we had all originally planned and meet with them at Bryce's pre-determined camping spot to deliver the sprocket…

We texted jakbrand with the plan and as luck would have it, he received the text in the only 15 min window of opportunity he had…

Here we are in Escalante with The Desert Doctor who we had met four years prior in Boulder…it is a small world. I told him I hoped I didn't need his services.

And four years earlier…looks like he lost some weight!

So after the doctor leaves, here's the next mechanical, a blown fuse in my son's WR…

I don' t even know what to think. Maybe we connected too many electronics…between iPhone, GPS, battery charger for camera, etc…but we never had this issue before…In any event, we locate a spare in the fuse box and get on the road finally around 6 or 7 PM!!!

And bush camp on the Smokey Mountain Rd

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