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Originally Posted by Sojourner2005 View Post
Thanks for sharing. This has been a great read so far. Subscribed.

Originally Posted by ROAD DAMAGE View Post
Alright Feyala,

I'm hooked and following along.

I've come to expect a high level of entertainment here on ADV and I've got the feeling that you won't disappoint.

It's a fine balance of witless banter, mental masturbation and just flat out lying that tend to make a good story. Oh yeah, and incriminating photos too.

Seriously, I think this will be fun. Thanks for posting.

Safe travels!


edit: Oh yeah, I saw from your pictures that you visited Steamboat Springs on your bus trip to OK. Did you find suitable vegetarian grub here? Near where you took the picture of the pedestrian bridge with Mt Werner in the background .... is a great little Bar-B-Q joint. I'm sure that you were salivating like a Pavlovian Dog because you were directly downwind!
By those measurements I'm a terrible storyteller! Well, except for the witless banter and mental masturbation, I'm a pro at those...

We didn't stay too long at Steamboat Springs, they just had to switch drivers. I used to work there though, back in 06! I did housekeeping one summer at the Grand. I think I was one of three folks there who spoke english, haha. I think that was before I went veg though, I seem to remember eating at the kfc on my lunch break more than once.

Originally Posted by Nevada Rider View Post
Ok, Feyala, I'm in for a good read as well. Keep on riding and have FUN!.
Always! That's what it's all about!

Originally Posted by livewire View Post
Thanks for the ride report! I'm in for the ride.
Originally Posted by tommu56 View Post
I'm in too!
Great thread.
Originally Posted by Motodeficient View Post
Great read, I'm in

Originally Posted by Ratman View Post
I'm a cheap traveler as well, maybe I can learn something here, Fyla. I'm subscribing as well.

I've camped at the slabs a couple times and wandered all over the Salvation Mtn....had no idea that there was a protocol there. Who knew?
Yeah! I found a number of good tips over on the Jamie Z thread and put in my $.02 somewhere in there. I tend to be more on the "classifies as homeless" scale of things though, most people aren't as shameless as I am, haha. Hopefully something I say can help you out!

There isn't much of a protocol at Slab City proper, East Jesus is just a small corner of it, with their own rules. I want to go back there this fall, maybe spend a month there... they've invited me to spend a whole winter there, if I want to, but I think Mexico is calling my name.

Originally Posted by motoged View Post
Welcome aboard ...there are rules here ....and you seem to abide by the primary ones:
1) Have a story to tell;
2) Have the ability to tell that story with some semblance of it being entertaining;
3) Have some pics....cuz some of the FF's here can't read but get the gist of a photo;
4) Adore your current ride;
5) Keep us in some anticipatory suspense so you get lots of readers (cuz the # of hits your story gets is part of the narcissistic payoff);
6) Pretend to be humble ....

And you are doing a great job of all these.

I like your writing style and appreciate that you have done some "hard time"....

Keep writing and riding....but you gotta do more pics....just for the Inmates that can't read
I did read the rules! I just don't really have an ending to my story, haha. I've seen a few other long-term ride reports though, so I should be okay (I hope!).

Thanks for the compliments!

I do have more pics, I swear! I got a bit better at taking them when I gave up on the point and shoot completely... I've also got a TON of Slab City, but I don't want to spam with too many pics either...
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