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The road goes on forever it seems……

Maybe the rain will stop soon?

Another long day, and we stopped in Mogachi. We were both a bit worried, as the name is similar to shit town, but we are miles from anywhere. Max had told me of a hotel here, and gave me a guys phone number, but we couldn’t reach him. Then a local stopped to say hi. He knew where the hotel was, & had us follow him. It was a nice small hotel, the lady running it was happy to see us, fixed us dinner, brought it to our room, had a garage for the bikes, in essence, it was the exact opposite of where we stayed the night before. Friendly helpful people, the town was pretty nice, paved roads, no tunnels, etc.
I guess we are back in Russia. Everyone that we talk to, & mention the shit town, they get wide eyed & tell us we were lucky, as it was a very bad place. Stas told me a couple on a bike there last year had their bike stolen. (they found it a couple days later)

So, avoid that place.

The long cold wet days are taking their toll. Poly is sick, we are both pretty miserable, & wore out. We want to make Chita today, & take a break at the lovely Panama City hotel..

Of course, my stupid GPS tells me there is a gas station ahead, but there isn’t. there is nothing. So I run out of gas. Poly’s bike is really low. Some guys stop, & luckily there is a town with gas, but its 10km down a dirt road. Poly needs a break, so I jump on the BMW & head to the town, fill it up & come back. We only lose an hour.

As we get close to Chita, theres a memorial for some people that were brought out here & shot by Stalins flunkies. I think there was about 40 of them. Whole families. I guess the whole ‘freedom of speech’ thing we take for granted wasn’t so popular back on the 30’s here.

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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