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Originally Posted by CheckerdD View Post
There is a lot of misinformation in this thread. One of the risks you take when you post a topic that has been beaten to death is you tend to only hear from people who don't know anything. Look at the thread GS FAQ at the top of the first page of the forum. 1) BMW oils are usually made by Spectro. They make good oils, but maybe not worth the price. 2) The specification for 1200 GS is 75-140 (or 90) in the trans and 75-90 GL-5 synthetic in the final drive. The reason NOT to put 140 oil in the final drive is that there is very little space there for oil to circulate. Too thick oil there can result in metal to metal contact, and it's all down hill after that. 3) The BMW specification for all years 1200 GS, is synthetic GL-5 in the final drive (and trans). Synthetic oil tends to hold up longer against sheer. Since your only putting 180 cc's in the FD and leaving it there for 12,000 miles you need synthetic. If you disbelieve any of this information, read some of the posts about final drive failures. That is in your future if you cut corners. Dave
Very little space for the oil to circulate? Wow! I did not know that.
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