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That certainly makes sense, but why then did I find so much info on what grease to use on the final drive splines for old airheads? Am I missing something?

Just a few minor updates. I installed the grab handle. Nothing major, and I certainly wouldn't have updated the thread just for this. Looks nice, none-the-less!

And then I brought these home:

What's this, you say?

I wanted to do something special and pay tribute to Papa somewhere on the bike. Something along the lines of what bill42 did with the plaque that he put on his father's bike (go to YouTube and enter "A BMW Story" for reference - GREAT video!).

I thought about doing a plaque as well, but decided I wanted whatever I did to be part of the bike itself. At first I thought about airbrushing a tribute on the tank just above the seat, but I forgot to look into it when I had the bike painted. So, I started thinking of an engraving. I looked all around and wanted a good place for it - somewhere with a nice engraveable surface that was also in plain sight. The best place I thought of was where the current "BMW R60/5" badges are on top engine cover, but I wasn't willing to remove the badges. So, I settled on the center of the valve covers. I think it turned out really well, though it's not quite as deep as I would've liked. I probably should have gone to some kind of industrial engraver, but Things Remembered said they could do it so I gave them a shot.

A few more shots outside in better lighting:

I would like to somehow fill the engraving with black, or a darker color, to make them really stick out. Since it's not as deep as I was hoping for, I'm not sure how to do that. My original plan was to just spray paint the top of the valve covers over the engraving, and then wipe the remaining paint away off of the high spots. I'm not sure if that will work or not, but maybe I'll give it a shot to see.

I'd really appreciate any other ideas on how best to add some dark color to the engraved areas.

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