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I see that kokopelli and crew are expecting their new inserts anyday. How exciting! Based on the "Better Than HPN" review I read on the other thread, I'm a little jealous!! Maybe I need to trade up now! I think in boating this is called twofeetitis.

Anyway, here goes...

As discussed, the install is really a fairly straight forward thing to do. My apologies for not taking more pics - it went so fast and my hands got oily.

There isn't too much clearence above the old fork cap and the dash:

Loosen top triple clamp pinch bolts, remove fork top caps, and drain the fork oil (beware: I stripped the drain hole in one fork - might be good idea to follow Alibaba's advice and drain by removing the bottom bolts)

I left the the chrome stancheons in place so as to use the triple clamps to hold the stanchions instead of moving to a bench vice. Then loosen the bottom bolts and pull off the fork lowers. I kept the two sides attached. In the pic you can see one pair of the bushings at the bottom of the stanchions.

Out come the old peices - pretty straightforward:

There were no PVC spacers and the springs seem to be progressively wound, so I'm assuming a PO must have changed the springs.

Now what you really want to see, the new inserts:

Nicely labled on the dials on top R for rebound (and right side) and C for compression:

At this stage I replaced all the seals and bushings on the fork uppers and lowers, as well as greased and serviced the steering bearings.


For those that also decide to service the steering bearings while they are up in there, a couple notes about re-installing tripple clamps, fork alighnment, etc. I followed the install and alignment procedure in the factory manual, and it used a slightly different procedure to alighn the forks which I think is neat (perhaps this is common knowledge). I suggest reading it, but in summary:

- Install lower triple clamp and tighten steering bearing
- Install upper tripple clamp but do not tighten top nut
- Install fork stanchions and tighten lower triple clamp pich bolts
- Slide fork lowers onto stanchions (no fork internals at this time)
- Loosely install fork brake and wheel axle and then tighten one side of axle
- Slide the sliders all the way up to the top and then tighten fork brace and other side of axle
- Tighten top nut
- Tighten fork caps
- Then tighten upper triple clamp pinch bolts
- Now lower your newly aligned forks

Basically, by compressing the forks all the way up, you can use the forks themselves to align themselves. Again, maybe this is kindergarden stuff, but this seemed like a new and elegently simple procedure compared to other methods I've used.


Drop in a centering bushing into each side and then lower the inserts into the forks, tighten the lower bolts, add some fork oil:

..and then tighen the top cap.

The top cap requires a bigger socket than the old stock top cap, which means I need to now carry another large socket in my trip tool roll. Also, because the new top cap is aluminum, I don't think it should be tightened as tight as the old one (spec is +100nm). I went with 20nm (needed a few adapters).

The adjustment knobs do not interfere with the dash!

I am battling other non-suspension issues and haven't yet had a chance to ride, but hope to this weekend!

For those that have the HPN inserts, I woud love to hear how you have your clickers set up so I can at least start in the right ballpark.

Good luck to those receiving the new inserts from racetech in Germany!

Cheers, JB
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