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Originally Posted by Codewheeney View Post

A question for the far future: I have an Air on my 1150, and I like it. I *may* be buying a new 1200 GS this year, and plan to probably keep both bikes. If I don't buy a second air for the new bike right now (in your current pre-order based sale) will I be out of luck forever, or will you go back to making all the devices next year, after the Cool is finished?
Hey there, JC.

Regarding builds... As it is, future builds sort of exist at the whim of the customers, if that makes any sense. I'm sure that if the Marketing department were nearby he'd be over here every day lobbying for building an inventory. And 'lobbying' probably doesn't capture the essence. 

We must cover the more in-depth sales-related questions in the Vendors thread.


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