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Grand Utah Roulette Day 4 (Part 1)

The night was very windy, probably around 20-25 knots. Tarps survived. Just needed to be smart about placement behind some protection.

Sunrise at Smokey Mountain Road campsite:

Not quite Point Sublime, but it'll do...


One of the things I experimented with this trip was to see if we could self support (with the exception of fuel and water) all of our needs, including all the food for 7 days. It is possible, but the weight, despite all food being dehydrated except for Cliff and Luna bars and mostly ultra-light tarps, poles, sleeping bags, shoes, etc., does make the very technical sections more challenging.... Note the stove, titanium, solid fuel ESBIT tablets or wood and titanium pot. I estimate total weight of our giant loops around 20-25 lbs at Day 1. Heaviest items inside the Giant Loop were food, followed by tools/tubes and next first aid kit.

Leaving campsite and heading to Alstrom Point:

More Smokey Mountain Rd:

Kelly Grade and descent into Lake Powell was out of this world…no wonder it was used for scenes for the original Planet of the Apes…

George Taylor, played by Charlton Heston, and two other astronauts after crash-landing back to earth around 2600 AD...

Playing around Alstrom Point:

Alstrom Point is stunning,

but upon reflection, also bitter-sweet...knowing that where the boats now play and still water now sits there was once dry canyon land, and that

"...the river was no longer there. Somebody had removed the Colorado River. This was old news to Smith, but to Hayduke, who knew of it only by hearsay, the discovery that the river was indeed gone came as a jolt. Instead of a river he looked down on a motionless body of murky green effluent, dead, stagnant, dull, a scum of oil floating on the surface. On the canyon walls a coating of dried silt and mineral salts, like a bathtub ring, recorded high-water mark. Lake Powell: storage pond, silt trap, evaporation tank and garbage dispose-all, a 180-mile-long incipient sewage lagoon…."
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