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Originally Posted by Beamer Bum View Post
Another US model. Cool. You may get spoiled by the quicker handling with the forks. It's very easy to lean till the valve covers scrape. I don't recommend it though because valve covers are not cheap. And just so you know, you'll have to let the air out of the rear tire to remove the wheel. The 4 x 18 tire is a little too wide to clear the brake shoes when inflated. If you need to do fork work, let me know. I have some tricks and tips.


Yes Mike,
I believe the forks need some attention. Everything is fine up to around 40-50 mph, but then she starts wigglin' and hopping and doin' the Hokey Pokey...
It's not a real confidence builder
Come to think about it...everything on this bike is setup to ride 10 miles to the local Dairy Queen every Saturday night and hang out with a shake and a soda pop That's why the PO only put 8000 mi. on her in the last 15 years.
NOT that there's anything wrong with that!
Jezebel came in ugly and haggard. I'm just about got her runnin' pretty good. And she cleaned up pretty good, too
Lulubel came in all tarted up. She's gonna be hittin' the fitness parlor real quick
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