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Grand Utah Roulette Day 4 (Part 2)

From Alstrom Point we make it to Big Water to refuel, eat a snack, and drench our clothing in water--nature's AC in the desert--before heading out again, slabbing on 89 west for a few miles to rejoin the original route that jakbrand had prepared to enter into Bryce from the south. Here we are as we turned north from 89:

The dirt road got narrower and sandier after this gate…

What happened next is not documented in pics and is the stuff you cannot plan…the sandy trail turns and climbs up a narrow canyon until, after a 90 degree left turn, it climbs up a veeery steep wall of sugary sand. The KTM 450 made it half way up the climb. The WR 250 about 1/4 of the way up. We both turned around and tried there times, same results…so we resigned ourselves to the inevitable, unloading of the giant loops, carrying them up the climb and walking the bikes. The KTM made it first after much huffing and puffing....

Then as we were starting to work on the 250, we hear the sound of another motorcycle. We know jakbrand and dwip were not ahead of us because the sand had been without any recent tire marks, but could this be them?…So we get the 250 out of the way as best we could and I walked down the climb right at the 90 degree left turn and yelled GO GO GO!!! as jakbrand stared stunned at all the information overload: a maniac yelling go go go, a bike thrown to the side, a wall of sugary sand and his 530 leisurely putting along in first gear…he tried hard, but it happened, the KTM went down for the first and last time the whole week, something veeery seldom seen…

Then came Dwip, same result.... Jakbrand then turned around, got the 530 up to speed and second gear and sailed to the top effortlessly, like snowboarding on fresh powder.... Dwip tried a couple of more times and eventually we walked his bike up the climb. Finally jakbrand tried with the 250 three or four times, just not enough HP, and then he walked it up with Tbang's help.

So here we are resting in the shade at the top, in disbelief that we had found each other on that trail:

Jakbrand on the right, having the worst and longest coughing and spell we had ever seen, surely a cracked rib would be possible, and Dwip smiling on the left, hoping, Herzberg Rodeo style, that he would be the last Grand Utah Roulette rider standing if jakbrand kept coughing…
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