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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
45 pilot/40 if really hot out,1 to 2 turns on mixture screw(yeah it's that finicky,or is it me?),stock slide,Q-0 needle jet,6F8 needle,400 main. I run a DG National pipe and a Uni filter in the stock airbox. I ride from 500 to 2000 feet above sea level.

That's for premium E10 pump gas,I fatten the needle up a click or two and raise the main for VP U 4.4 race fuel. It isn't cheap but the bike runs so much better and consistent with it the money is of little concern.
Thanks. That gives me another look at the jetting for these machines. I ordered a float valve and gasket for the carburetor. I'll clean it and check all the jets. Who know's whats in it now. The first time I ran the motor, the carburetor was over flowing. I shut the gas off and started the motor. I then rode it almost 1/4 mile before it ran out of gas in the carburetor. I turned the gas on, and it hasn't overflowed since. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to pull it apart and take a look soon.
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