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Originally Posted by johmarq View Post
I had a RD250 back in 1975 and loved it then.
Now I have another, not quite as nice but it will be again.
Got It in a package deal of 6 bikes for $1500
The 1973 RD250,1975 Honda CB750F0,1973 Honda CB350-4, 1973 Suzuki TS400,1965 Suzuki A95, 1978 Honda CB250
I have years of work ahead, I hope I live long enough.

Just so you don't destroy a rare bike, I suggest your's is from the first shipment into Australia. That was in 1972. It is still a 1973 model though.

The RD250 & 350 were a 73 model - I suspect USA & Oceania only.
The RD250A was also a 73 model - world wide. It came with the disc front brake. Not sure if it scored the 13 litre tank too.

You've got the 9 litre tank, it appears. Restore it. Or at least clean the inside and do whatever is needed that it doesn't rust away. I have my original 9 litre tank. It is severely bent. One day I will restore it.

The drum front brake is not off a DS7 or R5. As it is in the photo, that is oem. Probably stand a bit of a clean and polish.

I have had a few 'discussions' with people whom tell me my RD isn't an RD 'cause it's got the drum front.
I've also caused a bloke annoyance when he raised the same issue. His annoyance came from the fact that he'd relied on information and had altered an RD to a disc front brake.

You can't get front brake cables any longer. I've just had replicas made from blank kits I bought from Overlander in Melbourne.

Have fun with it.
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