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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Thanks for the tips Blubull. Looks like I am not going into the pits then.

If I caN get e few pics of the riders in the stages and at the start I will be happy..

Is it possible to get up close during scrutiineering etc ?
I think by the time the actually cost of your trip is calculated a measly 400-500$ won't really matter and getting into the bivouac would certainly be one of the highlights. Go in on the night before rest day then don't leave for two days. Of course they won't let you bring in all your gear so some planning on where to leave it would be required and you not have access to any food or water so again some forethought would be required (small backpack with food and a sleeping bag maybe). If your gonna travel half way across the world to see the race your gonna want some time in the bivy, the rest day is a great day to be there.

Of course getting a Pass is not easy, you'll need to figure that out before you leave for your trip. Using the word media might help.

Have fun
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