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Thumb Ta-da....!!! The masterpiece is uncloaked...!

Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Great link Gian, thought I'd post them up for everyone to see

thoughts everyone? I'm not sure about the separate radiator shrouds, a bit too form over function for me...

The rest of the bodywork looks very sleek, loving the huge intake for the oil cooler
good one Brodo/Gian... It is certainly a trick looking bit of gear! Here are just a few arbitrary armchair observations to get the ball rolling from moi...

Radiator shrouds... ja, well... I'm a little on the same page as Brodovitch on these as well to be honest. It appears that they have gone with a single core radiator (for sure it offers a good large cooling area/capacity, simplified plumbing etc.) along similar lines to KTM's 450 RR... as opposed to two seperate radiators (like are on most enduro/mx platform bikes). And it's true, many times in rally circles, simpler is better.

But as this bike features what appears to be a single backbone/downtube chassis (the radiator is not nestled in between the frame rails of a trellis chassis; as is the case on say - the KTM 690/450 RR), it seems to me that the radiator is somewhat "out there in the breeze" as far as crash damage is concerned?

As Brodo points out, the radiator shouds appear to be nothing more than a flash of coloured plastic fixed to the sides. With the apparent lack of any sort of radiator shield/support bar, I would be of the impression that any significant crash action (on either side) would fold the relatively fragile core back onto the down tube, like an aluminium banana around a steel post, pretty easily. Given that it is a single radiator confuguration, that means than any crash, on either side of the bike... there is the significant risk of damaging the cooling system substantially.

The engineering pundits could always argue, that although a two radiator cooling system is a little more complicated (pluming wise), it minimises the risk of a total cooling system failure by 50%... As many times a rider can plug or disconect one side (in the event of a crash/damage) and at least continue with one core in tact.

As this is a "work in progress", it will be interesting to see if any developments in this regards, turn up on the coming evolutions?

The rest of the bike looks very sleek an minimalist. The rear fuel cell/guard seems inspired by several design cues from the 450 RR.

One imagines that the linear rate rear steel rod, will eventually be updated with a suitable rear damper from say... Íhlins, Sachs, Paoli, WP...? To perforn the rear suspension duties...?

Originally Posted by dashmoto View Post
There's also the fact that TM have a pretty well-established background of producing 'crate' engines to sell to other people. Whereas I expect going to KTM and saying "I'd like twenty 450RR motors please" may not be too successful.
^^^^ This is true. The TM engine package makes the B/F team into a true competitor of KTM... not a customer.

Originally Posted by Aquatic View Post
Photochopped screen
For the purposes of the "reveal" the imaged screen does the job. I guess they will produce a final moulded component as the project draws to completion. One interesting observation is that the "nav tower" still appears to be designed along the traditional "high roadbook" school of thought... whereas on a number of the recently developed 450 bike (Helders new YZF 450 bike at Qatar, the speedbrain Husky's and the preview photo's of the new GasGas 450) there seems a tendancy to be "lowering" the towers somewhat, in order to improve visability forward in technical terrain.

This also is possibly an area we will see some subtle changes/refinements, as they move to the final product.

All in all it is a pretty good looking machine... and definately worthy of the Bordone Ferrari teams claims that they are developing their own bike/platform to compete in rallies with. Kudos!
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