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Originally Posted by tripodtiger View Post
Both look good, understatement.

The miles on the RZ does make me ask the question, why do US bikes seem to do so few km?
I'm not sure of the early history of the bike. I think the original owner just lost interest and stored it and the next fellow preferred my mint RD350LC to this bike so we just traded. I couldn't be happier. I've made my mind up to use it as I would any other bike but honestly it sort of pains me to ride it. Every extra mile is like a dollar coming off the value of the bike. But considering there are $40,000 dollar Harleys out there I guess riding a low mileage (optimistically valued) $6000 RZ original isn't the end of the world.

One thing that has been happening here, greatly increasing in the last couple of years, is that second hand US bikes are being packed up and brought here by the container.
I know of a few fellows making a living traveling the US and filling shipping containers with H2's and KZ etc etc to ship back to Europe. I've heard that Japan is grabbing their fair share as well. I would think the exchange rates on the currency has a bit to do with this too.

The speculation here is that bikes are a summer toy over there. And, after a couple of summers they often get stuck in the back of the garage, basement, shed for some new summer toys. 10, 20, 30 years later, some enterprising person puts adverts in local papers, looking to buy bikes outright. And they buy up a heap of unrestored bikes that they can sell over here.
That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Especially up int the Great lake states like Michigan and Wisconcin. some amazing bikes come out of basements up there

At the local end, because we ride all year round, our bikes tend to wear out and then end up as fair dinkum trash, suitable for parts basically.
Man I wish. We had a decent little vintage Monday night get together for quite a few years but it's essentially withered and died.

Nostalgia is huge, and growing, these days. I'm happy that I can claim that I'm not being nostalgic, I'm just using bikes I've had for 30+ years.
Now days all I seem to be seeing is folks sticking clubmans on anything and everything and calling it a "Cafe Racer". It's the next new thing among the sheep who don't know any better.

Anyway, the 400 looks pretty wicked. Did they come out in a grey paint scheme? or only the white? If asked, I'd be saying there were a few grey ones.
That bike had so many iterations from the day I bought it. It was like a test bed for every whim that hit me. That paint was a borrowed idea. I saw it on a west coast bike and did it a shade lighter. All the originals were white. She really looked and rode tits. It's in the hands of a trusted friend though so I know it's being well cared for and ridden regularly.

Here's my LC that I forgot to post. This is what I traded the RZ for. He managed to get it tagged in the US and we were both pretty happy. I like when trades work out.

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