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Originally Posted by Codewheeney View Post
A question for the far future: I have an Air on my 1150, and I like it. I *may* be buying a new 1200 GS this year, and plan to probably keep both bikes. If I don't buy a second air for the new bike right now (in your current pre-order based sale) will I be out of luck forever, or will you go back to making all the devices next year, after the Cool is finished?

Oh yeah, and when can I order my cool?

Interesting that the reason people buy the newer 1200GS bikes is because they don't have surging issues, they don't have the snatchy throttle issues nor do they have roll on and roll off throttle issues that the 1150 and 1100 models are so notorious for. With the new controllers and dual O2 sensors, independant cylinder management and even anti knock sensors I have to wonder why you think you need an air temp spoofer for such a machine? This is fixing a problem that IMO, does not exist.

Have you ridden a 1200 yet? Or just feel a need to join the cult?
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