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It works via the side power socket it you wire the socket thru a fuse to the battery. The fuel pump is about 7amps and will trip the 5 amp canbus side seat socket. Most folks rewire that side socket directly to the battery so they can power their heated clothing.
I bought one of these bypass cables to see if the FPC (or FPE BMW seems to want to call it now) was faulty. I'm not working on the bike, someone else is. They tell me that when they plug the cable into the accessory socket and hook it up as instructed, the bike will start and idle for a few seconds, at which point the fuel has shut off and the bike stalls out again. Before the bypass cable was connected, the bike was getting no fuel at all and wouldn't even start. I didn't think to ask what accessory plug was being used to power the pump. Think it might be a case of the Accessory circuit sensing the overload and shutting off that accessory circuit? I've been told there are no fuses (2005 R1200GS) and that the bike's circuits are electronically controlled, with the bike shutting off circuits with anomalies, then rechecking that circuit on restart to see if the anomaly has cleared. That was probably as clear as mud.
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