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Back on line!

Sorry to be so long in updating this project. There has just been lots keeping me busy theses day.

And what of these other projects? Well, the barn was really looking like hell so we did some much needed exterior repair with some fresh paint.

Paint? Yes, paint!

That ain't namsy pamsy, new fangled and unproven vinyl siding on there. That is good old fashioned, original slow growth, wood siding! And it needed plenty of scraping!

Then I also got distracted by this 1970 Moto Guzzi Ambassador. A family friend had one in the 70's that my dad would help him with on occassion. My dad referred to it as the "Moto $hitbox". I found myself muttering the same thing when recently chiselling out a frozon exhaust nut from the cylinder head (after 1st cutting off the header pipe!).

But that's another story.

Now, while I have been slacking on my postings, I have been keeping up work on the 465... and here is the proof!

First, recall the factory OW machine in the top photo. Compare this to the photo of my 465 (below) as taken in late spring.

The green number plates look great but I was to find out that AHRMA rules require yellow number back grounds. So off with the the green and on with the yellows on DC side plates.

At this point it is nearly fully sorted. Jetting makes a very big difference in how these bikes perform. I am happy to say that this one is spot on and runs extremely strong from bottom to top.

I am very, very pleased with how the bike has turned out. I know I have made a big jump in the project presentation but I still have a lot of photos and documentation on what it took to get to the finish line. I will continue to post that material for others who may find it useful.

So whats next? Well, here are the 250 experts leaving the line at Bridgehampton in 1979. Number 64 is me! Haha, will I still have the nerve to line up again??? Stay tuned!!!

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