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Originally Posted by AST236 View Post
Here's an idea. Let's start a thread to talk about the venerable Suzuki DR650.

Rule 1: Limit your posts to the DR650 and its variants

Rule 2: Do not piss/moan/bitch about how your carb mods are superior to everyone else's carb mods

Rule 3: Do not piss/moan/bitch about how dumb everybody else is and how smart you are

Rule 4: Do not piss/moan/bitch about difficulty you're having w/ a vendor. Put on your big girl panties, pick up the phone/email them and work it out.

Rule 5: Do post pics of your rides and adventures that include your DR650 (which is a really swell motorcycle)

Rule 6: If, after reading rules 1-5, you still choose to whine/piss/moan like a little girl, do so comfortable in the knowledge that you will be publicly ridiculed and offered a couple of Extra Strength Midol and a Hello Kitty blanket.

Rule 7: If you don't have something nice to say, then just don't say anything. There are plenty of other threads here where you can let your immaturity gallop at full speed.

If you find yourself confused about a proposed post, examine the brief list of rules and see if your contribution conforms to these established criteria.
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