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Originally Posted by vintagespeed View Post
owned mine for a year, so far have put 20k miles on it, daily commuter, weekend canyon carver, rode the LAB2V on it, gonna go ride the canyon right now on it and piss off the sport bikes.

i changed the plugs once, i checked the valves once (they were in spec), and i change the oil every 3000 miles. that's it.

i seriously, s e r i o u s l y, doubt a ktm/husky/bmw/drz would have offered the same trouble-free, rediculously reliable experience that this humble bike gives me every single day. ADV is full of posts to the contrary, so hate on haters, while you're hating at the dealership with your obligatory brand-specific matching shirt/jacket/hat, we'll be riding and smiling.

it truly is THE swiss army knife of motorcycles. IMHO/experience.
While you're so busy stereotyping people and bikes you're to prejudiced to know or care about, I'm busy having the same exact experience with my bike(s), thanks

Originally Posted by Go Irish75 View Post
Really? Did a Husky owner just say the above quote? Hi pot, nice to meet you. love kettle.
do we need to compare the amount of "hey, look at me and my TE610" to the amount of "hey, look at me and my DR650" threads?

Lighten the fuck up DR guys take yourselves far too seriously
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