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Originally Posted by true grip View Post
Just an inconvenience and of course shopping for another bash plate. When does it end.Unimog guys were great. That had to lift your spirits it did mine. Get that fixed up and get back out there(my pep talk). Best Wishes Mark
Yeah, a little adversity usually brings out the best in people, reminds me the off road community is still a tight knit family. Seems street riders have lost that a bit and that's to bad, remember back when you saw a bike on the side of the road and you ALWAYS stopped to make sure the rider was good, no matter what he rode? I guess cell phones have changed that some. I miss that.

But yeah, my spirits never got down. I couldn't believe how perfect things worked out. I didn't mention the U-haul facility WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE of the camp that I rented a pack Van to get home. Funny but my non riding friends (and even a few who do) tell me I got lucky and "what if" the Mog guys weren't there, or "what if" I couldn't rent a truck, I don't know what I would have done, but somehow it always works out if I just decide to make it work and I would have done something

Originally Posted by WRC51 View Post
After I started reading your R&R I have been lurking around the Tenere thread. From the little I know this is a common problem for the sump mounted skid plate, what will be your plan of attack for the repair and how will you change the skid mount for the furture?? As a long time Yamaha freak( from a Big Bear Scrambler in highschool to an 07 FZ1) the Super is on my radar for the next bike. Thanks for the report.
I think it's going to be a problem on any bike that mounts a bash plate to the sump. To be fair to the SWmotech plate it took a number of slides and smaller hits just fine. The one that did it in was really a lot harder than I'd expect the plate to hold up to.

I'm looking into other options right now as it seems some plates are becoming available that mount to the frame only, and until adventure bikes start using downtube frames (or get back to them) I think this is the right direction.

Truth be told I didn't buy this bike with intentions of riding those kind of surfaces. So I think a little more wisdom on the Pilots part could go a long way to avoiding this situation But after really experiencing what this bike will do I understand why some are bent on making it a ralley-ish bike, I'd just want a support crew for when I screw up . Not to mention I had Jessies full of photo gear and other toys that probably don't appreciate this sort of rough treatment.

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You, sir, are one crazy son of a bitch!

Considering the source I take that as the greatest of compliments
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