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Originally Posted by AST236 View Post
No sir, we really don't. This one was created this afternoon in frustration after reading even MORE bitching and griping about a purchase made by an inmate and MAY or MAY NOT required fifty cents worth of washers. It's a sarcastic shot directly across the bow of people who take themselves too seriously.
Thanks for pointing out the DR thread, I love a good public meltdown.

I think most threads about most popular bikes have issues like that though, probably because there are so many experts on the bike.

The KTM LC4 seems OK though because we have a small band of people that know there shit, and everyone else knows they know there shit.

Even after they fake there own death they still get all the respect they deserve when they step up with an opinion, just like that Facken Creeper guy.

I stick my nose into KTM talk occasionally for info on my RFS engined bike, and you should see the arguments I have read between a couple of guy who are in the business of rebuilding RFS engines...

To many experts I tell ya.

And here is a pic of my old DR650rs just to keep it slightly less off topic...


A KDX is way cooler than what ever you ride...
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