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Originally Posted by tripodtiger View Post
Just so you don't destroy a rare bike, I suggest your's is from the first shipment into Australia. That was in 1972. It is still a 1973 model though.

You've got the 9 litre tank, it appears. Restore it. Or at least clean the inside and do whatever is needed that it doesn't rust away. I have my original 9 litre tank. It is severely bent. One day I will restore it.
Hi Tripodtiger,

Thanks for the Info.

Yes I thought it must be an early RD, the serial number is 352 102194,
Looks like that would make it number 2093 off the production line in 1972.

I guess it should be blue like your beautiful RD,
there is blue under all that lovely hand brushed black paint.

Thanks for the news about the 9 litre tank, I thought they were all the same.
The tank is in good shape, no corrosion inside.

Apart from the tank and drum front are there any other things different on the early bikes?

Cheers, John
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